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2016 Winners & Placings….

Overall 2016 Winner (& 1st Place Winner of the Nature Up Close Category)

"Poppy With Hoverfly" by Ken Nyberg
“Poppy With Hoverfly” by Ken Nyberg

Mobile Nature 1st Place:

"Street Frog" by Fabien Balezeau
“Street Frog” by Fabien Balezeau

Mobile Nature 2nd Place:

"A Northern Lady" by Trevor Richardson
“A Northern Lady” by Trevor Richardson

Mobile Nature 3rd Place:

"Thirsty Work Being A Snail" by Tracey Laing
“Thirsty Work Being A Snail” by Tracey Laing

Nature Up Close 2nd Place:

"Orange Tip Butterfly" by Samuel Hood
“Orange Tip Butterfly” by Samuel Hood

Nature Up Close 3rd Place:

"Marmalade Fly" by Joe Finlay
“Marmalade Fly” by Joe Finlay

Wildlife In Action 1st Place:

"Not A Care In The World" by Annie Charnley
“Not A Care In The World” by Annie Charnley

Wildlife In Action 2nd Place:

"Shortie Glare" by Bill Richmond
“Shortie Glare” by Bill Richmond

Wildlife In Action 3rd Place:

"Bittern Take Off" by Chris Castling
“Bittern Take Off” by Chris Castling

Wildlife In The Landscape 1st Place:

"Morning Deer" by Brian Avery
“Morning Deer” by Brian Avery

Wildlife In The Landscape 2nd Place:

"Heatherred" by Neil Wayper
“Heatherred” by Neil Wayper

Wildlife In The Landscape 3rd Place:

"The Sentry" by Steve Wrightson
“The Sentry” by Steve Wrightson

Wildlife Portraits 1st Place

"Nuthatch" by Jonathan Gaunt
“Nuthatch” by Jonathan Gaunt

Wildlife Portraits 2nd Place

"Smiler' by Andy Colls
“Smiler’ by Andy Colls

Wildlife Portraits 3rd Place

"Drake Goosander" by Samuel Hood
“Drake Goosander” by Samuel Hood

Young Persons 1st Place

"Greedy Bird" by Hannah Bishop
“Greedy Bird” by Hannah Bishop

Young Persons 2nd Place

"Greater Spotted Woodpecker" by David Raffle
“Greater Spotted Woodpecker” by David Raffle

Young Persons 3rd Place

"Sleepy Swan On Nest" by Amy Hedley-Sterritt
“Sleepy Swan On Nest” by Amy Hedley-Sterritt