There are six categories and you may enter a total of six photographs. You can enter all six in one category if you wish or spread them out as you see fit. Remember, if more than six photographs are submitted only the first six will be valid for the competition.

Please read the criteria carefully and ensure you submit your photograph into the most appropriate category.

Wildlife Portraits

Photographs that capture the character, essence or traits of a species.

Wildlife in Action

Photographs that capture wildlife behaviour and action, for example feeding, hunting, flying, running, swimming, hiding, fighting and breeding. Also photos that capture unusual or interesting behaviour.

Wildlife in the Landscape

Photographs that show wildlife in its habitat, landscape or setting. Don’t forget the urban landscape counts too!

Nature Up Close

Close-up or macro photographs of botanical subjects, insects and other wildlife.

Mobile Nature

Wildlife photographs taken with a mobile phone or tablet device.

Young Person’s

Wildlife photographs taken by anybody aged 16 or under.