What is new in the 2017 competition?

The people’s choice! Click here for more information.

Will the organisers use any of my photographs?

You retain overall rights to your photographs but by entering you grant the organisers the right to use the submitted photographs for any purpose directly connected with the competition. See Terms & Conditions for more information.

Why do photographs have to be resized to enter?

N.B. This does not include submissions in the Mobile Nature category.

We request resized photographs for the initial shortlisting round. Modern digital cameras are capable of producing huge file sizes and last year we received over 1500 entries. If these had all been sent in at the original size our website would have ground to a halt!

How do I resize photographs?

There are numerous photo editing/processing software packages available. Some may have come with your camera and some, like Google’s Picassa can be downloaded for free. If you are unsure on how to proceed then a quick look on YouTube can help too. Remember photographs must be resized to be no longer than 1024 pixels on the longest side and no more than 800kb in file size (at a resolution of 72 dpi). They must be saved as JPG file (.JPG). The website will reject any photographs larger than 800kb or not saved as a jpg.

Do photographs have to be taken on reserves run by the Durham, Northumberland and Tees Valley Wildlife Trusts?

No! Photographs have to be taken in the north east region which is the area covered by Northumberland, Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Durham, Sunderland, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar & Cleveland.

What should I do if I’ve entered a photograph into the wrong category?

You should contact us with the information about the photograph, i.e. your name, the photograph title and the filename. We will delete it and you can resubmit the same photograph in the correct category.

Do I have to submit all my photographs at the same time?

No. You have from the moment the competition is launched up until closing to submit a maximum of 6 entries.

I can’t remember how many photographs I have submitted! Can you tell me?

Contact us with your full name and postcode and we’ll let you know.

If I change my mind about the entries I have submitted can I have them deleted so I can submit different photographs?

No. Once the photograph has been submitted it counts as an entry. We can arrange to have supporting details amended but it can not be replaced.

Do you recommend waiting until the last few days before the deadline to submit photographs?

Absolutely not! Each year we receive a huge proportion of entries during the last few hours of the deadline. We try to make sure our website server can cope but this has a strain on the traffic using the site and it does affect the upload speed and performance of the website.